Quality Over Quantity

We Do It Right The First Time.

For starters…we do not work on 50 vehicles at a time. We limit our workflow to a handful of vehicles at any given time. It is how we keep our quality high and our focus sharp.

Every vehicle gets our full attention and is reviewed by all our staff. We do not let imperfections slip by, nor do we cut corners. With most jobs, is quite common for all glass and seals to be removed to insure a factory quality paint refinish.












European or Exotic Car?

Our attention to detail and experience with high quality European paint finishes should give you confidence.

We are one of the very few Calgary facilities that are experienced with luxury and exotic autobody restoration.

Stop by for a visit and we can show you some of the work we’ve done in the past. 


Need a Fresh New Color?

We’d love to help.

Doing a full re-color involves extensive chassis preparation including removing all trim, door handles, rubber seals and window glass. We also remove doors, door panels, trunks, hoods, grills, bumpers and more. 

Many of our customers seek us out specifically for a re-color based on our extensive enthusiast vehicle resum√©.